Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Interesting Day - Don't read this if you have a weak stomache!

Today we interviewed someone for a position at NCU. She was amazing. I had so much fun with her and really enjoyed it. A real woman of God. We laughed and talked of the things of God for such a long time. Michael really enjoyed her. I feel like I made a new friend.

We took her to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was amazing. I had a small appetizer salad of endive, radicchio, pecans, and goat cheese along with crabcakes appetizer. Yummy. Michael had shepherd's pie and shared it with Mazen. Then we had cheesecake! Godiva chocolate for Michael and vanilla bean for me. Yum. Mazen only ate the chocolate one. You can tell who she identifies with. :)

Then we went home and put Mazen to bed. She whimpered just a little so we picked her up for her one last hug before bed. (This is her routine.) Only she started burping and licking her lips and then she just PUKED all over Michael. A bucket load. Then again. Then again. Ugh. I ran for towels to help and they were both covered in it. The smell was overpowering and I started to gag really bad. Michael said, "stop doing that!" as I tried to stop gagging to keep him from gagging... Argh!!!! I tried to wipe it up and covered Michael with a towel, but when we took the towel off him to try to get his sweatshirt off he turned and looked and saw it and the smell wafted up and that was it... he threw up THREE MORE TIMES right there! He made a pocket out of the part of his sweatshirt that wasn't already covered in vomit and started puking. I'd never seen chocolate vomit but both he and Mazen shared that with me.

So, we sat Mazen on a towel and then I told Michael to go away so he might be able to stop vomitting while I took care of getting the clothes off Mazen. It was all over her little body and in her hair. Blech. I gagged and finally got her clothes off and took her downstairs and plopped her in the bathtub and started running the water. This, she thought, was pretty cool. Michael came upstairs shirtless and looking a little less pekid. I left him with Mazen and went upstairs to clean up the chocolate stained carpet (good thing we just bought some Resolve) and various other nasty things that come with lots of puke. Oh my! It was nasty. Then I hauled several towels and all of Mazen's clothes down two flights to the laundry room.

That was when I discovered Michael's sweatshirt in the laundry sink. My first thought was to rinse it off so that the major chunks wouldn't go in the washer, but after retching a few times I just gave up and dumped it all in the washer. It was covered inside and out with his and Mazen's stuff. Ewwwww! Too much for me. Too much chocolate and other things!!!! So it all went in and I hope the washing machine can handle it! I put clorox 2 and detergent in it thinking that between the two things something might sterilize it all.

Then went upstairs and helped Michael get Mazen out of the tub, dried, dressed, hair dried, another teeth brushing (stomache acid!) some water and up to bed again. She was TIRED. It was 9 pm. Whew.

The most amazing part of it was that in the midst of retching, Mazen puking, Michael puking, me gagging and retching, and trying to keep anything from coming up we were both laughing. It was one of the grossest things I have ever experienced. It was so beyond belief that we couldn't help but laugh! Sitting on the bedroom floor, a baby covered in puke, daddy puking into his sweatshirt, and laughter between more puking.... what a sight to behold. Why doesn't Hollywood make movies about THIS kind of stuff!

We are learning what parenting really means in moments like these. Mazen just sat on the floor and looked at us like a cat looking at a couple of barking dogs at the end of their leash and not really caring.

Off to bed. (Don't tell anyone that there was a recent puke fest here.... we are trying to sell this house and I cleaned it ALL up!)

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Jenni said...

Oh my, Barbara. You know during the whole story I kept thinking, 'they HAD to be thinking this was quite funny.' and here i was right. How pathetic you all must have looked! I'm glad the dinner was at least enjoyable so that it was not all in vain. Love you!