Wednesday, July 20, 2005


We are now at the final push of packing and getting ready for the move! EEEK! I'm scared I won't get it all done. We have asked several people to help us but so far aren't really sure who is or isn't coming. We are praying that many come help with the boxes on Saturday afternoon/evening.

We just got back from the Garrett Family Reunion in Wyoming. As usual it was a lot of fun. We had bean bag tournaments, drives through the hills in a variety of atv's. We talked, and ate, and ate, and talked, and laughed, and the kids played, and we ate... whew! Mazen saw her first cow up frount and personal. She thought the cow and calves were pretty neat at first. She got excited and pointed and sqealed and then said, "Puppy! COME!" "Puppy!" It was hilarious. She saw deer and of course yelled, "Puppy! Come!" They ran. But the cows just mooed. We drove into the herd and she got a little nervous. They were BIG puppies that made LOUD bellowing noises! She hugged my neck until the herd left us.

The whole drive home if she saw some cows out the window she would squeal, point and yell "Puppies!" It was very exciting. Sheep weren't very interesting. Only cows.

We went to Michael's home church in Rapid City, Destiny Foursquare. Michael spoke and showed a power point of our mission, vision and goals. They gave us a an offering and committed to support us monthly!!! Praise the Lord. Also several people signed up to be on our mailing list and to become monthly contributors. We were excited about that. It's not the money as much as it is that they believe in us and the vision God has given us and they believe in Michael. And we really need the funding so it is very exciting. :)

Had our walk through last night at the new house. There was so much to learn about it! I can't believe it. I've never had a house with so many gadgets and thingys to remember how to use them all. It's very exciting and overwhelming. After being there 3 hours and talking about things for the house non-stop I was worn out and had a headache. And in my spirit I felt this feeling.... I couldn't describe until later - but I think the best word for it was 'weariness'. Like a weary soul who has faced a lot of heartache.

While we were there I stayed with the wife and Michael went with the husband. She ended up confiding in me some things about their family. They are divorcing and she bought a townhouse 10 blocks away. I don't feel like I can put that information up right here, but I'll suffice it to say that it's a sad story. We also found out that not too long ago there was a murder in the house next door. And we learned a few things about the neighbors. I suspect we are living in an area with people who need God's presence both for healing and transformation. I told Michael that we needed to pray in and around the house and property before even ONE box goes inside that house. The house should become a place of peace and healing and hope for tired souls... not a place that leaves you tired and feeling like you've been in strife and pain. We are going to drive out any of those spirits in that house and keep them from our marriage, family, and all who enter there.

Okay... gotta run and PACK PACK PACK!!!

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Amanda Lee Genaro said...

I will be back on August 20th for a wedding in Mooselake... then back at school... I don't know if you will need help with anything then... but as always I am at your service :)
Haha Mazen is so cute! Even though she cries a lot... haha. (well not that much, she is young and the last time I saw her I had not been around kids for awhile) Haha, "BIG puppies that made LOUD bellowing noises!" That cracks me up... I miss stuff like that when I am in the city so on the way home when I get into the wilderness I yell "look cows, birds, horses, emus, donkeys, etc" I almost hit a cow the other day on my way to work...haha.
Happy to see that his church is behind you guys. That is a huge blessing.
I will pray for your house and that lady... looks like a lot is happening around your house and you are being placed there for a reason...
Let me know if I can do anything for you.