Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Our New House

Here's some picturs of the new house:

This is the front outside view.

This is the kitchen:

This is the Great Room - a view from the living room.

More Later... running out of time


Emily said...


That's INCREDIBLE!!! Praise GOD for the blessings He's given you!!! :)

Amanda Lee Genaro said...

Oh Neat!!! I am excited for you... and for the parties CDS should have!!! ;) haha, where is this again? I forgot... Sorry I am so far away and was not able to help you move... Last time was fun (thanks for the pizza). When are you moving the stuff from storage in? I may be back to help with that... I love UHauls!!! Haha, I took your husband's advice for my storage place... and when I move onto the bridge (TJ, library) I get to drive a Uhaul! It is so exciting... I am too young to rent a car, but I can rent a Uhaul!!! HAVE FUN!