Monday, July 25, 2005

We have moved!

It was a crazy three days, but we made it! Moved boxes and schtuffffff
on Saturday afternoon from abot 4 to 11:30pm. Returned the truck and
picked up a sleeping Mazen from a friend's house and fell onto the
mattress on the floor around 1am.

Sunday we went to the old house by 8:30am to meet the movers to move
furniture. They worked hard while I scrubbed the house from top to
bottom and found a myriad of things left behind from small toys to table
leaves and the patio table and snow blower and more. I made many many
trips to the garage after the movers left to put things in there. I
just finished cleaning when they pulled up. I had a few things to move
out to the garage and was ther maybe 30 mins before taking off.

Then the car overheated! Ugh.

Made it to our new home and helped unload wardrobes and direct movers.
Then Michael and a friend and he made two trips in the minivan to get
the last stuff.

I unpacked about 20 boxes but not nearly enough to satisfy me. And
Pokey went and pooped in the neighbors yard! I went and picked it up
and hoped they would still like us! We need to build a fence.

The kitchen is amazing! I think its going to hold all my stuff and then
some! Yay! This is such an amazing house!

Michael is still sleeping. He's been on heavy drugs all weekend. His
tooth is killing him it hurts so bad. Poor guy. He's exhausted. We
all are.

Today Michael is going to the dentist and I will unpack as much as I
can. :)


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Amanda Lee Genaro said...

I understand the feeling of exhaustion... Wow! Looks like you all got a lot done! Kudos to you! Later :)