Monday, August 22, 2005

Dr. Ferber

I've been looking online tonight for help regarding Mazen, uber vomit kind. Argh. I randomly found this blog and this entry cracked me up.


Mazen kept climbing up on something today that was really dangerous. She's been climbing on chairs and other things. I set limits today and warned her and then she got a time out. I put her in her room for less than 2 minutes. She screamed like she was on fire. I went back to get her and soothe her and talk so I carried her to the kitchen, wiped her nose and eyes and then she barfed all over me. Three times. Blech! It was REALLY smelly and we just had dinner and she puked right on my neck and chest. Ewwwwwww. More laundry, a bath for Mazen, a bath for Mommie.... and then a long email to "Ask Dr. Sears" who has NOTHING on his website about this!!!!

She was so upset with me that at bedtime she didn't want anything to do withe and Michael had to lay down with her. "Daddy! Daddy! and a big hug and it was settled."

Any advice???? I'll take any advice!


Kristy said...

Oh my precious friend. I wish I knew something about this, but I've never even heard of it! I mean my mom used to say don't cry so hard it'll make you throw up, but I didn't understand it. Until now. I guess the only thing I can do is wrap my virtual arms around you and pray. I love you. And miss you terribly. I found my wedding dress by the's amazing!

Amanda Lee said...

wow... I don't know what you should do... Annah did this for a little bit... but I would go and pick her up until she fell asleep in my arms... she eventually just went to sleep in my arms before the screaming and throwing up and then she just grew out of the puking part... I don't know... sorry :(