Friday, August 26, 2005


I recently had yet another experience that I wish I didn't have to keep
having. When will people ever "get it"? I thank God I teach because at
least maybe I can make a difference in the way the next generation sees
the world.

I was in a meeting at a place that serves Deaf people and they asked for
comments and feedback. I love this company but I've been feeling... Oh
what's the word... Sad, like something's missing... Because no deaf
people work there. They work in the company in many other places but
not in the city I live in.

They gave a logical response about how the company hires people in
various places and jobs, etc, and that anyone they hire must have a
certain job skill set, etc. But our division is HUGE and there's only
one position a Deaf person could possibly hold but there is no proactive
"we want to make sure a Deaf person is working here" kind of thing. I
know they are pro-Deaf and in their hearts they care for Deaf people and
are very concientious, but there's just something missing... how to

I guess it's the feeling I have when I can refer any number of hearing
people to work at this place, but my Deaf friends are going without
work, or wishing they could make extra money on the side, but there is
nothing for them. Perhaps it's just one more part of the Deaf life... I
dunno. But it just gets me right in the gut. I WISH there was a Deaf
person there that I could talk with, that would be a part of creating a
more Deaf environment in a place that serves Deaf people.

I'm so glad I have my Deaf students at NCU. I love the hearing ones
dearly, but it's the presence of those Deaf students that make CDS what
it is. Their hearts, their spirits, their love for God, the willingness
to embrace all of us goofy hearies, letting us be a part of THEIR world
and making our world richer for it. Take them away and you take away my
very purpose.

I'm so blessed to have people like Jaymie in my life. She is my
dearest, closest friend. I know if I called any time and said I needed
her here, she would be here for me. She is close to my heart not
because she is Deaf, but because she is Jaymie. But the fact that she
is also Deaf is part of what makes her who she is and I love that about
her. There is a whole other way of looking at the world when you see it
through the eyes of a Deaf life. And it's AMAZING... but I can only
speculate. :)



Jaymie said...

Barbara! You! I love you so, too!

I had ALREADY started to think outloud, as I was reading this entry, that this "hearing" woman is someone the DeafWorld definitely needs and wants. She is one with a genuine heart and desire to serve, partake, and devote that the Deaf seeks. I know that sometimes the DeafWorld can be cruel and that's often as a result of the mistreatment by the hearies in the Deaf community. And
then, in return, the hearing world shuns Deaf people from becoming fully included. The circle goes around and around. But, the sad thing here is the lack of willingness to try understanding and working with each other. There are only a few, if any at all, that exists and I definitely see that in you, Barbara.

And I'm ever more grateful that the younger generation (even the present, for that matter) have someone such as Barbara to teach them and to be an example of what being a hearie in a DeafWorld is like and all about. They have no better role model than her!

I started to think to myself that I was so proud to have her in my life THEN I read the last paragraph and tears of joy just filled my eyes because the feeling's mutual. ILYVM, my bud.

Barbara said...

Thank you Jay. I don't know what I would do without you. It's hard sometimes to deal with "life" you know? I expect the "hearing" world not to get it, but I am tired of the hearies in the Deaf world not getting it. It was frustrating, now it's heartbreaking.

I miss you and wish you were here so we could sit and have iced coffee and chat for a long long time. :)

Speaking of Deaf people being involved.... at National Fine Arts there were no Deaf judges. Would you be interested in being a judge for Fine Arts next year in Orlando, FL? I know some people to talk with. :) NCU is becoming a big part of it more and more every year so we will be there in full force again! :)

Amanda Lee said...

You are such a blessing to me! I have not really met anyone like you before... Before I came to NCU I honestly had no clue that people in the world really did care about something besides themselves... except for the hippies who let drugs stop them from achieving their potential... but yeah. I can't help but cry when I think about our program and the things the people here are going to do in the world. At our party the other night I just left crying and worshipping God and I am so excited about this year! I pretty much think you are one of the most amazing people I have ever met... and I am so happy to be involved in the CDS program. Oh there is so much in my head but it really isn't coming out right... but it is 0730 and I have had no sleep... so just know that I appreciate your heart! And thank you for being there for me...