Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kitties in the Sink or as Mazen says, "Keeee!"

This is for all you cat lovers!

Kitties in the Sink LINK

I put my favorite one here! If you go to the link about you'll see more pix. I'm not really a cat person, but I thought these pictures were really sweet!


Amanda Lee said...

That is pretty much adorable and it rocks my face off!!!
Haha I am not much of a cat person either... but The Bridge (where I live in TJ) wants to get a cat... maybe it could live in the bathroom and no one would know but us... because there are only 8 of us and we have 1 bathroom and the toilet is just out in the open so visitors don't like it... we could have bathroom keys and a cat living in the sink! haha... your daughter is pretty much welcome anytime she wants to see keeee in the sink... haha

Barbara said...

Amanda! You make me smile. Thanks.

Amanda Lee said...

haha I never knew you responded to what I wrote... and I was just looking at old posts and saw... :) So thanks for replying... you make me smile as well. Thanks for being awesome!