Saturday, August 27, 2005

Gathering Place

Last night Michael spoke on "New Beginnings". It was SOOOOOO good. He talked about seeds and harvest and the growth process. He gave everyone a small plant to remind them of how God is the one to help us grow, all we need is to leave that seed alone and let God help it grow. Our poor dying pitiful plant from Duanie's funeral years ago Michael carried over and talked about how sometimes God has to strip away the dead parts of our lives but still there is life and even new growth. It was really good about change and new beginnings. We had a great time with some visitors and people. It was great.

Today NCU students are moving in, there is a big picnic with parents and new students, and a reception for our Department students. It's very exciting. I'll be over there soon.

Mazen is still having a hard time with me going to work. It's hard to leave her in the mornings. She's really clingy to Dad. He's the only one allowed to put her to bed. She is definitely Daddy's girl!

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Amanda Lee said...

I look forward to this Friday being my first successful time to attend Gathering Place... I think your husband is awesome...