Sunday, October 16, 2005

This morning we went to Redeeming Love Church. I am praying for my
husband to be encouraged in the Lord this morning. Starting this week
Mazen is going to start a Christian pre-school twice a week. It's going
to be an adjustment for her but is much needed for Michael to have time
to seek the Lord and prepare for our church plant. I'm so proud of him
for his persistence and vision to see this thing happen.

So I told Mazen she was going to the nursery by herself this morning.
We warned her several times and she said "ok". Then when it was time to
go to the nursery and I told her again before we left the sanctuary she
frowned and said nothing. So I waited. Then asked her again and she
said ok. So we went and I left her there with her bag with a change of
clothes and instructions to the nursery people that she might vomit and
left a screaming tearful VERY upset baby. Went to the restroom and
could still hear her screaming. Then went back to the worship service
and could think of nothing but her sad upset face. It was so hard.
Finally I got up and went to check on her. Whew! She had stopped
crying. She wasn't exactly thrilled but she had stopped crying and was
interecting with one of the nursery workers. I love that baby so much
and she is so needy and I worry about her. I'm glad she's going to get
thru this trnasition.


Calley said...

Oy. Not fun, but better than a similar attempt a couple of months ago. Yay Mazen!

Jenni said...

Good job for letting her get over it, because it sounds like she did! You get the A+ Mother's Award for passing the test!

Emily said...

Giggle - way to go! :)

You made it into an entire paragraph on my blog, FYI. :) hehe

Amanda Lee said...

tough stuff... it can be a rough transition. I remember taking Annah into the nursery and walking out with her screaming... it is so hard... But I only made it a few moments before rushing back in to get her... haha I was putty in her hands. But I think you are doing the right thing... way to go! wow...

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