Friday, November 04, 2005

Halloween Street!

Well, we are all home SICK today. Ugh. Nasty flu is going around and now Michael and I got it. Mazen is recovering from it. It is hard to breathe. So, in the midst of catching up on emails for work, I decided to drop in here and finally post something!

Monday evening we had SO MUCH FUN! We made up about 25 bags of candies with invitations to our Gathering Place in the baggies. We had GOOD candies too! It didn't take long to run out of baggies and we started frantically making more! The final count was over 40 trick or treaters. Previous years we were lucky to see 10.

I was rushing to get Mazen fed and then go to a church event, but with all the people coming, the dogs barking, Mazen running to the door and squealing in glee, I finally just put her costume on her and decided to go up and down our own block trick or treating. She had a girlie pirate dress with a feathersword so she could be "Ms. Captain Feathersword" from the wiggles. (Of course.) She NEVER wears hats. It's a fight every time and unless I can tie it under her chin she pulls it off. So I thought, this little pirate scarf thingy is NOT going to stay there, but I'll put it on once anyway. She NEVER took it off all night!!!! She knew she was dressing up for something special and she wore it. I was so surprised. she was SOOOOOOOO cute.

We went out trick or treating and found that we had a block party on our street! WOW! People were everywhere! One house had a tent, a popcorn maching, a hot dog cooker machine (like at the mini mart) a real casket and the garage set up like a funeral home (the guy who owned the house works at a funeral home) and food everywhere and about 50 people standing around on the lawn visiting and laughing. They had lawnchairs and a fire pit in the middle of their driveway. Almost every house had their lights on and people were walking all over up and down the street. Mazen thought it was pretty neat that she could just stand at their doors and they would give her candy! She danced and jumped most of the time up and down the block. We met all our neighbors and had so much fun. One of my students was at the house anyway and she passed out candy for us while we were out trick or treating.

While I was waiting at one house with lots of stairs that Daden and Mazen went up to get candy, one of the neighbors said to me, "We live 2 blocks over and we only get about 10 trick or treaters. THIS is HALLOWEEN STREET! Everyone comes over here! Every year! It's great!" Wow.... what fun. And all sweet people who we trust. Mazen will get to grow up trick or treating, something a lot of kids her age don't get to do anymore because this world is such a dangerous place. Michael and I had so much fun meeting people and watching our baby. It was a blast. I was so glad we ended up staying home together. What fun.

Then, as we were trick or treating at the last house, a car full of my college kids pulled up. They piled out and were all dressed up for Halloween and ready to trick or treat. I told them they were too old. They didn't care. Someone gave them potatoes!!!! I laughed so hard. Old, soft potatoes. Yes, I think it was a message they were tryng to send. I laughed and laughed over that. Mazen thought they were all pretty neat. They did get a lot of candy. Wow. I was surprised. I'm sure they haven't eaten it all yet.

Then we dumped all of Mazen's pirate booty on the living room floor to sort through it all. This was VERY exciting. Memories of my childhood and Mazen was beside herself looking at all the candy! She didn't get ANY potatoes and was the hit of the whole thing. Everyone at every house said she was the cutest trick or treater all night. She signed "thank you" to each one of them and they were VERY impressed. Mommie was proud.

So now we have more candy than we will ever need in the house! Pokey had a really hard time not tearing into everything that was on the floor. But she managed to control herself. Now that we are sick and the sugar hurts our throats we won't be enjoying any of the candy any time soon. That's just as good! Next post will be about our trip to the corn maze!


Emily said...

She is BEYOND adorable!!!!!!! :)

Amanda Lee said...

haha... I had fun treat or treating in your neighborhood... as did the rest of the girls. Thanks for being you. haha... and we totally ate all of our candy by Tuesday night... haha, we are poor college students and it was like yay! food! haha... or as the banana and penguin call it "tandy" we had lots of fun... thanks. :)

SweetRaelyn96 said...

This is the VERY same night Mazen stole "Puppie" from me (original name "Nibbles") and to this VERY DAY... I still can't wrestle that puppie from her OR Mira. LOL! OY VEY! Think you can give that back to me as a wedding gift? HA!