Thursday, November 17, 2005

When Will It End?????

Okay.... so this morning I was supposed to meet with a student to focus on dissertation work. Of course, I overslept until 7 am and didnt' make it in. I stayed up late trying to catch up on grading. I am so far behind on my grading and I wanted to hand EVERYTHING back today, but, alas, it's just not possible. I have a lot to give back, but not everything. Bummer. It seems like there's never enough hours in the day. It's up, run run run, run to Chapel, lunch, back to the office, to class, to the office, to pick up Mazen, to the Chiropractor, to get things for the Gathering Place, to get ready for the Gathering Place, hurry up and eat, clean up, bathtime, Mazen to bed, try to work some more and then get up again. Whew! I'm exhausted! Looking forward to Thanksgiving, but worried that Michael will still be sick. And I will still have a lot of things I need to get done over Thanksgiving.

Yesterday THREE students came to help me. One, of course, is my assistant and does so much for me. She is "working" but she had the opportunity to get a free ride and not have to work at all and she still fought to be able to keep working for me and CDS. Wow. She gave up free money in order to keep serving here. I am amazed. Then another one keeps coming to help and has done SO much stuff in such a short period of time. Wow. And a THIRD came to help yesterday. The three of them worked non-stop even after I had to leave for an appointment and they got SO MUCH done! I am so blessed by these students. They serve God and CDS and me in so many ways above and beyond the call of duty. I know of no other department that has such loyal and giving students, (here at NCU nor at other colleges). The success of this Department is in large part due to the amazing students we have coming here to study AND to contribute to this program and NCU. What a blessing they are.

When will the rat race end? Maybe never. When will the student support end? I hope never!!! They give me such encouragement and hope and I see the hand of God in them now and working through them for years to come. It will be my greatest joy in life to watch their ministries in the coming years. When will that end???? I hope NEVER.

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