Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mazen's Exciting Easter

We took Mazen to a nearby park where the local rotary club had it's 17th annual easter egg hunt. There were 5,500 plastic eggs and they were gone in 45 seconds. They had sections roped off for kids by age range. We went to the 2 to 3 years old section. No parents were allowed in to help the kids, so she had to do it herself. She knew exactly what to do and went in the area when they announced the time and she found 10 eggs. It was very exciting. Several of the kids in that area just ran around like crazy ignoring the eggs. It was funny. All of the eggs had jelly beans in them (which she has decided she loves and asks daily for "eggs") and some of them also had slips of papers in them for prizes. Daddy and Mazen went through all the eggs and she didn't get any prizes. It was still fun. :) As we were sitting there someone walked up and gave us a bag of gifts anyway. She got a stuffed lamb, an easter picture frame, an egg dying kit, and a token for a free ice cream at Culver's. Then we wandered over to the Easter Bunny. Mazen watched the other kids hug the Bunny, but she wasn't sure she wanted to do that although she was very curious. So she walked toward the Bunny and stood there. The easter bunny opened his hand and offered her another egg. That was exciting and she took that. When we opened it there was a prize! Mazen won a plush easter basket! We went to get it and she got this cute little stuffed Peep Chicken Easter basket just her size. She thought it was really great and carried it all the way home. She had a LOT of fun and so did we. She was well behaved and listened and obeyed Mommie and Daddy. Some kids got lost and there were announcements to find them, but Mazen stayed close to us. Whew. I would have a heart attack.

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Jenni said...

PRECIOUS!! I love her.