Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Website

After lots and lots of looking, testing, hunting, trying, etc. I have finally settled on the world's best ever website for us! We switched to dotMac (.mac) and published it on iWeb. It's awesome and we love it. Very exciting. Lots of wonderful pictures. There's a blog and several fun pages. I made the WHOLE THING!!! Woohoo!

So please go to this website:
(or click on the title of this post: "New Website" above)

It is password protected to protect our baby. So if you have not heard from us yet with the password info, please don't get upset, just email Michael and he will send our friends and family the password so you can view everything.


I might still put a few things up on this, but for now, the .Mac is going to be our website.

1 comment:

Francisco and Kristy said...

Hey guys...can I snatch that password? :)