Thursday, September 14, 2006


Well, I got the new website up and running - sort of - I'm still not satisfied with the blog part so plan to work on that soon. Just so little time and no time to do anything. (Does that even make sense?)

Today has been a tough day. I guess I just feel like writing. Sigh. I doubt anyone will read this - this site hasn't been active and I don't think anyone is visiting anymore.

I'm learning that sometimes it doesn't matter how much you pour into the lives of people - they still will think the worst and say the meanest of things. No matter how much you love them, pray for them, care about them, they still judge, misunderstand, and say mean things. It's sad because those things are often a reflection of how they feel about themselves and so they transfer that onto someone else and get mad. I wish they didn't feel that way about themselves. I wish they weren't passive about it. I wish I was perfect and never did anything to hurt anyone. I wish people would see the heart.

We all have feet of clay and so it's going to be okay. I am okay with it and I can get through this because Love is bigger than this stuff.


Jaymie said...

I love you, B. Always will...

Emily said...

Thanks for the honesty about those you love... and a reminder to those of us out in blogland to... well, to learn to live in that Love.