Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thanks you Guys

Thanks for the comments. :)
I'm glad someone actually reads this thing every now and then! ha
I'm still trying to get our other website up and going - it's good and has a lot of things this one doesn't have, but this also has some really cool features that just can't be beat. I just wish it had a way to back things up. They better get that fixed soon.
I'm just taking a short break from dissertation work. My brain is kinda fried. I'm determined to meet my goal tonight though and get through some things. Argh!!!! It's hard being a perpetual college student. I can't wait to get this thing done with.
We are facing another round of "Deaf/Hearing" issues. I guess it will never change because the bodies keep changing and so we have to go through the same issues over and over. I think I should write a curriculum to use each Fall for the new Hearing students who are involved in the Deaf community. I know it's hard to learn to work cross-culturally, but RULE NUMBER ONE is to recognize that you DON'T know everything about the other culture just because you have a friend who is _______ (fill in the blank). "Yeah, I went to school with an Asian kid! They are really smart!" Grrrrr. I know I've done and said stupid things - but I know that for sure I have worked hard to be open-minded to learn new things and recognize when I was wrong, misjudged things, misunderstood, or just didn't "get it."
Isn't it ironic when a person who experiences privilege in our society most of the time is the first to get upset when they feel their "needs" haven't been adequately met? While their neighbor is constantly without? Materialism is more than just things - it's also ideology.
Okay, I'll get off the soap box and back on the dissertation train.
Love Ya'll


SweetRaelyn96 said...
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SweetRaelyn96 said...

Hey... I am so thankful that you constantly advocate for the Deaf. If it wasnt for people like you, I would not be able to do the things I am able to do today. You will always have the Deaf's trust here @ CDS because of all you have done for us. You have shown how much you care and LOVE us. That in itself is all we look for. We are so used to being oppressed by hearing who are both clueless and/or ingrates that it is refreshing to see someone (who hasnt experienced firsthand what we have) become enraged with the injustices and attitudes we deal with. I love you Amoda!
Always remember, you are a Heafie!

Emily said...

Yeah, so... I know this kid with blue eyes... and he was really dumb... and this kid with blond hair liked computers. So I really hope there aren't any blond, blue-eyed computer programers out there because they'll love their computers but won't accomplish anything.

Big loves to you. Perhaps an orientation at the beginning of each year would be beneficial... have you and some of the older students talk about differences and similarities and communities... to keep communication open so that SHOULD anything crop up later, it can be immediately corrected.

But of course... ASL 2 students know EVERYTHING. GRIN. :)