Sunday, September 23, 2007


Michael drove his Mom and Dad back over to their friends' house tonight and said goodbye. They were here for a few days visiting. It was wonderful to be with them. Mazen was so excited that Grandma and Grandpa came to visit her. I told her she's a very special girl! She had Grandpa playing dollhouse with her today and she read books to Grandma.

They bought KFC today and Mazen ate "chicken with a handle" (as she calls it) and some mashed potatos. It was a big hit and a nice relaxing day with them. I've been under the weather and they hung out at our house today just visiting. Such wonderful people. We made BLT's for dinner with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from their garden. It was delicious. And also laid back. Everyone napped this afternoon.

Before she left, Betty said some very touching things to me. It brought me to tears, the good kind. I feel so welcomed and a part of the family. These are amazing people. We are so blessed. We will see them again at Christmas and they will come next for Mazen's birthday in February. Mazen's already counting the months to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Mazen already picked out her birthday cake. It's a purse! Is she my child or what?! I'm really looking forward to making that cake for her. It will be fun. I'm sure it will have to be pink.

I hope to get to work tomorrow, but I'm rather sick and weak and may not make it. We'll see how it goes. In the midst of feeling down this weekend (for several reasons) it's been a time of huge blessings for me. God is faithful.

I've been waiting for the new Ken Burns WWII documentary to come on PBS and it started this evening. It's called "The War." It was intense. I look forward to watching it, but it is a sad thing to see what humans can do to each other. Such brutality, and we keep doing it. Has a generation on earth ever gone by without a war somewhere?

If you want to read about this click on this link: Ken Burns "The War" And, yes, it is closed captioned if you are wondering. Raelyn said the next part is on tomorrow night. I don't know, I might have to rent this one and watch it when I can face this serious stuff.

My dissertation defense has been set for October 18 at 10 am. I'm thrilled and very nervous about it. I can't believe I am done and I am so thrilled to be done! Whew! What a ride! I don't know what to do with all my free time now! :)

I guess that's all for today.

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