Thursday, September 27, 2007


I have two amazing sisters. One is younger and the other older. Both have been supports to me in ways that are beyond a blessing. I just can't say enough. One has ALWAYS been there for me through everything in life. We talk almost everyday. The other has become a wise and stable voice in my life. She makes me laugh and reassures me that I'm okay. The both lead busy full lives centered on family. They both have noisy houses with a lot of activity in them. One has a never ending stream of people coming and going at all times. It's a house you can literally hang out at ANY time of the day or night that you need to hang out. No pressure, no worries that a kid might break something (even among the antiques) and lots of laughs and sharing of life and family and friends. The other has a sense of style that would make Martha Stewart weep! And her house is also a place to kick shoes off and lay back and enjoy life. Sometimes I wish all of us lived in the same place so that we could have the networks we have altogether!

Just imagine, NorthCentral University with the Deaf program in the Northwest somewhere near Wenatchee. And Paul's entire family living in the Seattle area. And Michael's family nearby, and Linda ( living nearby so that we would all have our familiar family networks but there would be this overlapping of other families and friends that would just grow and become this amazing community. Dreaming....

For now, I am content to be where I am at. :) Love you sisters!

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