Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This morning has been wonderful. I was so enjoying my morning today. It was like there was background music playing in my life that was happy and joyous. Then I opened my email and it screeched to a halt! :)

So, I'm taking a deep breath and just re-focussing to enjoy the day despite the stresses that I face.

It's just gorgeous outside today! It's a crisp Fall day with trees changing colors. The yellows and oranges are bright and cheerful.

The days are getting shorter, but we still have sun until 7:30 or so. It was around 54 degrees this morning and should get to nearly 70 today. Just a lovely, not humid, sunny, Fall day. I love Fall - it's been my favorite time of year for so long. I do miss the long Fall seasons in Missouri. It seemed like Fall lasted a good three months there. And the Lake of the Ozarks was so beautiful. Here Fall seems to go by really fast. By the time Halloween hits Fall is OVER!

This morning I enjoyed the drive to work, looking at the beautiful trees, and thinking of my family.

I am so blessed.

Mazen brings such joy to my life. She is such a loving caring little girl. She hugged and hugged me this morning and said, "Mom, I'm really gonna miss you." It touched my heart. I told her I was going to miss her too. I love her so much. She got to fall asleep with me last night. She goofed around far too much, but I just love that she wants to be near me. These days of a little girl curling up with Mom to fall asleep will only last a short time so I cherish them. A day will come when I annoy her simply because she will be a teenager and parents are always somewhat annoying then. :) But I hope I get to hold her all the days of my life. Hold her when she has a baby. Hold her when she is sad. Hold her when she faces tough times. Hold her when she's thrilled because she bought her first house. Hold her when she's scared to death because she bought her first house!

Well... enough of life with the lovely background music. Back to the email that is waiting for me. :)

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