Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Mazen and Michael are getting better. I'm getting sicker. Ugh. Awake
a lot last night and got up at 4am and coughed violently until after 6
am. Hard to breath. Called in sick and went to doctor. She confirmed
what I thought: brobchitis. I had wondered if I was getting pneumonia
so when she said no pneumonia I was glad. She warned me 3 times to come
back right away if I start to get worse. When I asked her if I should
be worried about something she said no, just wanted to keep close eye on
me because I could quickly progess to something worse if I don't watch

So, filled four prescriptions. One of them the dreaded and hated
prednisone (I hate that stuff) but I am so sick I was actually hoping
the doc would recommend it.

Came home to rest. Michael continuing to remind me NOT to find
something to do. So settled in the recliner and my amazing loving
husband made me the best protein smoothie ever.

Then, ugh, the electricity went out! I could smell the smoke from the
wood stove coming in the room. The blower is electric and the fire went
out as quickly as the blower stopped and then I guess somehow the smoke
backed into the house but I don't know how. Went into the back bedroom
and couldn't breathe very well. So michael set me and my nebulizer up
in the mini van while the house airs out.

"Smokin' the albuterol pipe" and sittin' in the van in the driveway.
What a way to spend a sick day at home, huh?

I was laying in bed earlier thinking about how blessed I am to have this
wonderful husband, Mazen, this home, a nice car, and so although
inconvenienced, I can't complain. God has been so good to me in so
many ways.



Calley said...


A group of us prayed for you outside Kingsriter this morning when we saw that your classes were cancelled. We love you and hope you are feeling better soon.

Kristy said...

Hey. I emailed you, but I'm not sure you got it, becaue you usually respond quick. Maybe I didn't send it to the right address. Miss you.

Amanda Lee said...

sorry you are sick... that sucks. Although I am glad class was cancelled because I am sick as well... ;) But get better soon!!!